As a child I would draw endless circles wanting to fill pages with them and even to this day, I always start every drawing or painting with a circle.  Comic books were a huge influence for me in my youth and I still remember the excitement when I received my first comic.  I carried that comic with me everywhere, until it was frayed and finally lost.  I found the idealism, courage and morality wonderful in the heroes but the anti-hero is where my heart will remain.  The morally flawed character who was resistant but who would ultimately follow through with a noble action. 

I was born in Wyoming and have moved to various states and cities but most of my time has been in Northern California, where I currently live.  I am a self-taught artist which means I have not gone to an art school or hold a degree in fine art.  Instead, my path has been driven by ceaseless hope that others will love what I create.

I have been categorized as a surrealist artist due to the dream like quality depicted in my paintings and the varied imaginative creations.