HB pencil on 5" X 8" mixed media paper

"Normal is nothing more than a cycle on a washing machine." - Whoopi Goldberg

The Psychology of Normative Cognition would state that humans possess a tendency to adopt, identify, and enforce the norms of their community and culture. Norms are the social rules that outline what is appropriate, allowed or forbidden in a society. These rules can be informal cultural guides in society and/or guided by laws.

With all of this in mind, history in the United States has been plagued with what would be considered absurd norms today. For example before 1923 it was against the law for women to wear trousers/pants in the United States. Although it was considered legal, in 1938 Helen Hulick a kindergarten teacher, was held in contempt for wearing trousers to court to testify. Her building was burglarized by 2 men and she was both the victim and witness. The judge held her in contempt for wearing trousers which caused her to be jailed for 5 days and she was issued a dress in order to testify. I am glad that norms can change to match evolving culture but observe that change can be slow and does not mean that everyone will adhere or agree to the changes.
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