Mr. Harsh My Vibe

Mr. Harsh My Vibe

Mr. Harsh My Vibe
HB pencil on 5" X 8" 160 gsm sketchbook

I have never witnessed a series of interactions that made me think a sitcom wrote a moment in to life. Making me contemplate the complexity of learned behavior.

My attention was drawn by the longest coffee order I have experienced when he spoke, "I will have a venti oat milk latte with 2 pumps, sugar-free vanilla over ice. The barista was a champ when she responded with, "Soooo is that a large?" He blinked several times before he ran his fingers over his chin as he pursed his lips to unnecessarily enunciate. "Listen, let's not harsh my vibe. We both know the size." The barista slightly sighed with a lazy smile over the words "Indeed we do." The barista nodded and scribbled on a paper cup. He put his palm on the counter and gave it several pats, looking triumphantly smug when he drawled. "I thought so."
The encounter seemed to have concluded, but several minutes later, the barista calls out, "Mr. Harsh My Vibe, your iced, venti oat milk latte with 2 pumps of sugar-free." A real-life laugh track with claps vibrated through the coffee crowd.
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